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NYC grocery store creates 'man isle'

A look at the products sold in new section

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ABC Nightline

Superbowl Undercover: Bytox Hangover Helper

GoodDay New York

Bytox Featured on Good Day NY 


International Business Times

"At the recent Nightclub and Bar Showin Las Vegas, the patch emerged as one of the best hangover erasers out there."

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Houston Chronicle

"Super Bowl, Super Snacks, Super Time" 

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NewsRadio with Jim Brown

Jim Brown Live Interview Dr. Grossman


NBC Charlotte

NBC feature on Bytox


Fox 5 News Health

"I think its a good idea to try it"


CBS The Early Show

Hangover Cures


FOX Morning Extra

"The answer to some of our prayers"


Fox Morning Blend

Bytox interview on the Morning Blend



The FDA may not be ready for this thing, but our technicians are. It works. They woke up, looked around, pinched themselves and reveled in the glory that was not having a headache, body ache or any other ache. Sure, it was just one night. But let’s just say this might be your holiday party season’s secret weapon..."

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"The Most Important Stuff of 2011"

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New York Times

"Ready to address the hangover"

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Village Voice

"Let's face it. When New Year's Eve comes around, I'm going to slap on a patch. "

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LA Times

"WOW AWESOME"  "the patch delivers a mix of vitamins and minerals that are depleted when you, say, down several martinis and follow it up with a shot of tequila, thus restoring your body's natural balance so you can "party in style."

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"Personallly Tested" Live Interview with Dr. Grossman



"Just make applying a Bytox patch a part of your getting ready ritual"

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Bobby D Show

Live Interview with Dr. Grossman

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Consumer Reports

"Help for New Year’s hangovers"

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Miami New Times

"Think of it as a flu shot for drinkers."

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"After Six or seven glasses of Maker's Mark , Maker's Mark 46, and Maker's Mark cocktails." " I felt mostly fine the next day"

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NBC Chicago

Avoiding That New Year's Eve Hangover

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"avoid falling victim to a brutal hangover"

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"Need a cure for the hangover? Try Bytox"

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"This might be your best way to stop a hangover before it starts so now you can enjoy a night out on the town without the day after side effects."

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"Prevent a hangover with Bytox patch"

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Bar Business Magazine

"Help Your Patrons Hang"

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Best of the Best Dining Chicago

"I have used it and tested it with great results! I purposely mixed 4 different drinks in an evening of 4 hours of cocktail parties. And today -  woke up just fine!"

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Beyond Black Beauty

"I consumed five glasses of champagne that night.... Woke up the next morning ready to rock and roll"

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"a patch you can give guests that is is a specially-formulated with vitamin B and other natural ingredients to prevent a hangover."

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CRN Talk Radio

"Wow Awesome" Live Interview With Dr. Grossman

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Dig Boston

"And the patch totally worked."

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"Getting Over the Bad Side of a Good Night"

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The Tester says: "I didn't have a headcache in the Morning!"

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" I woke up with no headache, sickness or aches usually associated with a heavy night of drinking"

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History of Drinking

“I would recommend these patches if you want to go “balls to the wall”"

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NY Barfly

"Hmm – so who’s ready to drink too much for the purposes of “research”? Come on – you know you don’t even really need an excuse. "

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Huffington Post

"New Hangover Cures: Bytox"

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I Heart Food

"I’m going slap one of these patches right on my…."

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Lillies and Biscuits

"it actually WORKED! NO hangover symptoms, NO headache! I couldn't believe it!"

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Short and Sweet

"After a blurry New Year’s Eve, No Hangover!"

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Hangover Helpers

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The Columbus Dispatch

"Search for perfect hangover remedy"

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The Daily

"A vitamin patch is the latest weapon in the war on hangovers"

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The Globe and Mail

New Year's Day Relief: 

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The Wellesley Wine Press

" I would definetly use bytox again"

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Hangover Patch Could Provide Relief After Night of Drinking

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Vital Juice

"Here's a reason to celebrate."

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Whisked Foodie

" I consumed eight drinks in an evening... I woke up the next day feeling entirely normal"

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SF Weekly

SF Cocktail Week 2012: The Hangover Report

"I was headache-free"

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Documenting Reality

"If you’ve ever had one drink too many at a party, you probably already know what a hangover feels like. Luckily, thanks to the new Bytox pathes, you never have to experience the morning-after feeling ever again."

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Oddity Central

"Say Goodbye to That Morning-After Feeling with the Anti-Hangover Patch"

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The Times of India

"Now, miracle patch that may cure hangovers"

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The Med Guru

"A vitamin-enriched patch to alleviate hangover symptoms!"