About Bytox

The Bytox™ Hangover Patch contains 12 organic all-natural ingredients. This powerful blend of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants reduces and prevents hangovers.

Who Created it?

dr Leonard Grossman

Meet the Founder

Meet Dr. Leonard Grossman, a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery, who has been making people look and feel good for over 17 years. While treating a patient for an extreme hangover, Dr. Grossman realized that using a patch with the right ingredients can be an effective way to prevent the side effects associated with the consumption of alcohol.

“As a licensed professional in the field of medicine, in my life, and throughout my career, my passion has always been helping people with undesirable or pestilent human conditions. Partnering up with Bytox™ has given me the opportunity to begin development on delivering the best organic nutrients through dermal patch technology. Let’s face it, we all want to look younger and feel better by doing nothing! Our wonderful new developments in this field will redefine how people consume vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients necessary in their daily lives.”


bytox nutrition facts

The Bytox™ Hangover Prevention Patch

Contains a generous dose of Vitamin B complex in addition to many other nutrients, which are essential in helping your brain and body function on a day-to-day basis. The Bytox patch is safe, natural and effective. Bytox formula replenishes what is lost in the process of alcohol consumption.

How Does

The Bytox Patch Work?

When you consume alcohol, the vitamin B Complex and many other vital nutrients are rapidly depleted from the body from the diuretic effect of alcohol. The loss of these nutrients adversely effects the central nervous system, which creates the condition we all know as “the hangover.” The Bytox™ Hangover Prevention Patch rapidly and continuously replenishes these nutrients before they are lost, thus restoring the body’s natural balance.

How To Use


Apply One Bytox™ Hangover Prevention Patch at least 45 minute before consuming alcohol.

Step 1: Remove the patch from its packaging; hold the patch by the corner.

Step 2: Apply it to a dry and hairless area on your body.
(Please note, that when using the patch on a regular basis, apply it to different areas on the body.)

Step 3: Keep the patch on for at least 8 hours after you’ve stopped consuming alcohol. In the meantime, stay hydrated.

When is

The Best Time to Use Bytox?

Q: I already have a hangover, will the patch help?

A: Once you have a hangover the bytox patch will help speed up the recovery period, but you will not feel an immediate relief, your body needs time to replenish what it has lost while consuming alcohol.

Q: How long should I wear the Bytox™ patch?

A: For 8 hours after your last drink, but no more than 24 hours as it becomes ineffective!

Q: Can I use the Bytox™ patch 2 days in a row?

A: Our patch has no toxicity at high levels so you cannot overdose. It is all made from natures best, is water soluble and essential to our bodies. In order to replenish your body's depleted vitamins by drinking alcohol you need Bytox. You can use new patch every day! Make sure the next patch finds a new location on your body.

Where Do I Apply

How Do I Take It Off?

For optimal results, apply the Bytox™ patch to a dry and hairless area of your body. This allows you to wear it the entire day without even knowing it’s there. Better still, the patch is water-proof, sweat-proof and dance-proof!

How do I remove the Bytox™ Patch?

The patch will firmly stay on. Do not pull off! Wet the patch with warm water, then gently, pull each corner and then peel toward the middle. Do not yank or pull the skin!

Other Use

It's Just Vitamins

The Bytox™ Hangover Prevention Patch consists of many vitamins and nutrients which may help with undesirable human conditions.